The last week was absolutely interesting!
I had a whole tv-team with me filming me at work . Why and what tv-team?
Well, unfortunately I can’t tell to much yet because it’s in its process. However, let me tell u how it was!

I met the Tv-team about an hour before I started work. They set up a small microphone on me and set up their big camera equipment and then we started filming. We went down to the entry of the building I work for. Of course I snapchat some videos because it was so funny. I couldn’t believe here I am little crazy Stefie with this camera team.

Anyways, as we did some shoots outside I was first a little nervous but then I remembered! (HEY, YOU DONT NEED TO ACT OR REMEMBER ANY SCRIPT! BE YOURSELF)
After I gave myself a mental peptalk I got more comfortable.

Of course it was a bit awkward at first when people started to take out there phones and film/take pictures of us. But that’s 2017 people record EVERYTHING they see.

The whole process we filmed got me really thinking: hmm so this is how it is to be Kim K ? (BIG LOL)

I was not use to repeating things that just came naturally to me because it come out NATURALLY. However, it was actually relaxing speaking out loud to myself. I usually talk to myself ALL THE TIME (in my head tho). It was nice to let my words out and just hear myself talk to the air. Except the air was the tv-team.

The project overall is still in process and it’s on standby to see if the tv-network will pick it up. If the network picks it up its going to be great! It’s a real/raw and positive series that I think needs to be seen in the Scandinavian tv-screens.

The crew overall was so nice and professional! It felt that we worked together for years! Amazing feeling!!!

Here are some private snap pictures of that day!


Stay tuned …
Stefie O


Got an interesting phone call from a tv-producer about a upcoming tvproject. So I asked my Instagram followers if they would watch me feature in a serie as myself or in a tv series where i poitraut a make belive characther.

I was not really supriced by the answers. I would also like to see somebody I know personally or someone that i found Interesting in a reality show. But in a reality show based in positive things and some that I actually can learn from rather than a show based on stupidity and sex.

76 percent voted to see me in a reality show and 24 percent voted tv series. I would like to do both to get my experience in what i would «like or be good at» the most. But I would vote for reality show. Because then u can be your truself and use the tv-platform as a positive thing for example to INSPIRE,showcase business and get a new life experience!

I vote reality show… who knows who will come up on your tv screen. STAY TUNED!


Stefie O.



This past week went by FAST! Its been more of the calmer week for me than usually. However, a extremly focused week. I had 3 out of 13 exams left this week.

Since August I have had the final 13 exams for my hairstyling academy Auster Salon & Academy ( It has been the most stressful, 1 and a half month. However, I have learned a lot and thats been amazing.


because I had a tough start with severe Illness the first test week and that led to changing my whole exam schedule and rebooking/finding new models.

Also because some of my exams I didn’t pass right away. And that made me even more stressed and annoyed with myself ( like why cant I just pass it IMMEDIATELY). SO of course I doubted myself at times questoning if I even will pass all of the 13 exams on time before I start my fulltime internship in mid October.

What I learned:

I learned to relax and REALLY to think back of the times I did the diffrent haircuts with my instructors. (What did I do right, what am I looking for, what can I do better)

That thought process really helped me! To focus and really set my mind on what I NEEDED TO instead of beating myself up. But also to use my instructors constantly ask for help and tips. Having instructors that motivated me was also the icing on the cake. It inspired me to be patient and push tru!!


All in all, I’m extremely proud of myself and happy I remained focused. You either choose to stop and make things a lil harder for u OR you learn and choose to SUCCED!

Here are some pics of my exam from last week THANK U TO ALL MODELS!

Graduated bob



– Stefie 0 mayazi

Welcome to my world! I am Stefie-Olito Mayazi. My blog will contain different emotional elements of my life such as; self-impowerment, positive attraction, anxiety issues and random hot topics that needs to be read . But mainly an open diary of my life as an Hairstylist in Training, Beauty Editor and a Zumba Instructor.

Let me tell you about me! A Oslo based «girl » (over tweenty-yrs ol, HEHE). I am born in a small town Helsingborg that is located in southern Sweden and have amazing roots from Congo-Kinsasha in central Africa. In my life I have had a lot of visions of what I wanted to do, and who I am/ who do I wanna be. Well, ladies and gents! After 20+ years it is now I can actually feel that Im in my right element and in the road Im supposed to be in.

Sounds good right? WAIT, its a big BUT comming up. Even tho im in my right element and doing things that I love, the battle with myself in this world gets TOO real at times. Meaning, life still is a tough nut to crack even when you master your goals and feel the happiest as you can be in the moment. Im guessing thats the cuteness of life and pursuing your own happiness you have to work on it. Almost as if you work for getting that PAY CHECK. The more hours and hard work you put in, the more happy u get at the end.

im excited for my new journey

– Fearlessly

Stefie O

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